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Copalis Beach, WA

Copalis Beach
Copalis Beach is a small community located just a short drive north of Ocean Shores. This area has an interesting history and has long been a destination for vacationers from around Washington State, as well as further away. There is a relaxed way of life at Copalis Beach, a way of life you’re sure to enjoy yourself.

Things To Do In Copalis Beach

There are a lot of things to do in Copalis Beach. The primary thing to do though is to just sit back and soak in the slower pace of life that’s available there. The beach at Copalis Beach is the most popular attraction and it’s long and wide with plenty of room for everyone. You can easily find a quiet little spot all your own. You can also go there with a large group and spend the bulk of the day right on the sand with friends and family. Kite flying, beachcombing, beach soccer, frisbee, beach volleyball, and more can all be experienced down on the sand at Copalis Beach. If you’re lucky enough to be there in season, you can even go clamming right in front of where you may be spending the night. You’re sure to love nearly every second you spend in the Copalis Beach area.

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Westport, WA

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Westport, Washington is located on the opposite side of the entryway to Grays Harbor from Ocean Shores. Unlike the beach towns to the north, Westport has a distinctly different appearance and feel to it. This goes back to the community’s long ties to the ship building, fishing, and ocean transportation industries. Westport’s downtown and waterfront is the quickest place to see this unique look. The town still has the sandy beaches that people flock to the ocean for though on its southern side. This combination makes it a unique vacation destination and helps it to have a wider variety of things to offer you should you be lucky enough to go there.

Things To Do In Westport

Looking at the list of things to do in Westport can easily show just why so many people head there. Being a port community, it’s very easy to get out on the water when you are vacationing at Westport. One extremely popular activity is deep sea fishing. Westport is known around the region as an exceptional place to head to for a charter fishing trip. You can also go out on pleasure cruises and tours there and even venture out on whale watching excursions. If you want to experience the water on a more personal level, just drop your kayak in the bay or hit the waves on your surfboard. Some of the things you shouldn’t miss when you go to Westport are Grays Harbor Lighthouse, Twin Harbors Beach State Park, Westport Maritime Museum, the local cranberry farms, the local small aquarium, and a nice selection of shops, breweries, and more. You can get out and about from Westport on a drive too and see interesting places like Grayland, Willapa Bay, Ocean Shores, Aberdeen, Hoquiam, Copalis Beach, Seabrook, Moclips, Lake Quinault, Pacific Beach, and more. Westport is fully stocked with exactly what you need to have a great vacation.

Visit Westport and have a great time on the Washington Coast!

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Seabrook, WA

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Seabrook, Washington is a small and modern community right on Washington’s Pacific Coast. It’s located immediately south of the nearby community of Pacific Beach. This is a scenic little community that not only has the benefit of being right on the ocean, but is also growing rapidly and offering excellent cottages to rent and fun things to do.

Things To Do In Seabrook

There are a lot of fun things to do in Seabrook. The small and growing retail section of the community features a market, bakery, restaurant, pottery studio, craft shop, home store, and wine store. Seabrook also has other amenities around the community including parks, dog parks, community use spaces, and an indoor pool. This is also the Pacific Coast, the North Beach area specifically, so you know there’s more to do outside Seabrook too. Exploring the local beach towns like Moclips, Pacific Beach, Copalis Beach, Ocean Shores, Westport, and more can be a fun day trip. You can also check out interesting sites like the Hoh Rainforest, Lake Quinault, Grays Harbor, and the North Jetty and Damon Point. Going to Seabrook opens up all kinds of options to have the time away at the beach that you really want.

A beach vacation that is centered with a stay at Seabrook can be a very good idea for a couple or an entire family. It’s guaranteed to be incredibly memorable.

Pacific Beach, WA

Pacific Beach
Pacific Beach, Washington is a sleepy little beach town, a bit quirky, but very memorable and enjoyable. You’re sure to love your stay there whether you are in the local hotel, down at the state park, or renting a vacation home. Pacific Beach has a couple of eating establishments to enjoy and a small shopping district. The biggest draw to it though is, of course, the beach.

Things To Do In Pacific Beach

There are a lot of fun things to do in Pacific Beach. Pacific Beach State Park borders the southern end of the community and offers camping and some nice access to the beach. Joe Creek also flows out of the forest and right over the sandy beach there. This is a very picturesque area that you’re sure to love. On the northern end of town there is an access point where you can drive your own car or truck right out onto the beach. This can be a lot of fun and you can actually drive up the beach a few miles, departing the beach at the neighboring town of Moclips. If you’d like to take a little drive up or down the coast, you can also check out other locations and attractions like Ocean City State Park, the Quinault Beach Casino, Copalis Beach, Ocean Shores, Seabrook, Westport, Moclips, and Lake Quinault. Pacific Beach offers a bit of a nostalgic look at what a beach vacation used to be like.

Spending time in Pacific Beach is a great way to experience this part of Washington State.

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Ocean Shores, WA

Ocean Shores
Ocean Shores, Washington has been a popular beach getaway in Washington State for many years. The town was formed in the 1960s with the intent on becoming a popular vacation spot and it succeeded. Today, this community isn’t much bigger but it still offers a fun time. There are plenty of restaurants in Ocean Shores, along with great late night spots and fun shopping opportunities. It’s very scenic too and, being on a sandy peninsula, quite the contrast visually from the high banked areas of the Pacific Coast to the north. It’s very easy to go to Ocean Shores and have an extremely good time.

Things To Do In Ocean Shores

The long list of things to do in Ocean Shores helps make it a go-to vacation getaway for many people. When you go there you can go kayaking, golfing, beachcombing, kite flying, and boating while you are there. Water access is not limited to the ocean as you can also get out on the water of Grays Harbor as well as the unique freshwater channels that meander through the inner peninsula. You can even rent small electric boats to go up and down these canals and out into Duck Lake. Some of the many attractions there that allow you to interact with the outdoors include the North Jetty, Damon Point, Ocean City State Park, and Oyhut Bay. Other attractions there include a full arcade featuring video games, bumper boats, and minature golf. You can also go horseback riding right on the beach. Speaking of the beach, much of it is open to motor travel too including in your own car or on a rented scooter. There are also go karts, a candy store, a giant shark’s head photo opportunity, a movie theater, and a bowling alley there. Ocean Shores really has all you need to have an awesome time on the Pacific Coast.

Moclips, WA

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Moclips, Washington is an awesome little beach town near the northernmost part of an area known as North Beach. There are not a lot of services in the community, short of a couple lodging options and restaurants. There is a nice selection of vacation rentals to choose from there. Moclips does offer great scenery though, a quiet experience, and access to some of the best beaches around.

Things To Do In Moclips

If you’re looking for things to do in Moclips, you’ll find it offers everything you need for a great beach vacation. The Museum of the North Beach sits on the southern end of town and offers a great look at the local history of the area. The Moclips River also flows into the ocean on the north end of town and it’s very scenic and enjoyable too. Most of the fun in Moclips takes place on the wide and long beach. You can drive on this section of the beach. In fact, you can get on the beach at Moclips and drive south to an exit point in neighboring Pacific Beach. Beachcombing, kite flying, going for walks or jogs in the sand, and just kicking back and enjoying the scenery is also a popular thing to do there. If you get out for a little drive you can easily reach attractions like Copalis Beach, Ocean Shores, Westport, Aberdeen, Lake Quinault, and the Hoh Rainforest.

You simply can’t go wrong with a weekend or longer stay in Moclips, Washington

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Long Beach Peninsula, WA

Long Beach Peninsula
The Long Beach Peninsula in Washington is an area that should be visited if you have a chance. This sandy arm reaches north from the mouth of the Columbia River and stretches for more than 28 miles. This makes it billed as the longest beach in the United States.

There are several tiny communities on the peninsula to visit, including Oysterville, Ocean Park, Nahcotta, Long Beach and Ilwaco. Each of these offers a fun and laid back experience there and you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding the right Long Beach lodging option for yourself, whether it’s in the form of a resort, cabin, campground, or hotel. There are also plenty of dining options on the peninsula too.

Things To Do On The Long Beach Peninsula

There are a lot of things to do on the Long Beach Peninsula. The area is filled with interesting history, including much of it tied to the fact that on its southern end is Cape Disappointment, part of Lewis and Clark National and State Historical Parks, situated at the westernmost end of the Lewis and Clark Expedition. Visiting the local museums and historical sites is a great way to gain an appreciation for the region’s importance. Outdoor recreation is also popular on the peninsula and you can go for a drive down the beach in your car or also on scooters, dune buggies, go karts, and more. Getting out on the water is easy too and this is a great spot to go for a charter fishing trip, whale watching excursion, or pleasure cruise. You can also take your kayak out on the water of Willapa Bay. Other attractions include an arcade, go karts, a theatre, and more. Go for a drive while you’re at Long Beach and you can quickly find your way across one of the most impressive bridges in the country, the Astoria-Megler Bridge. There’s really so much to do when you visit Long Beach.

It’s extremely easy to visit the Long Beach Peninsula on Washington’s Pacific Coast and have the time of your life.

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Pacific Coast, WA

Pacific Coast
The Pacific Coast of Washington is a very popular destination and it doesn’t take long once you are there to figure out just why that is. With everything from quiet bays to long sandy beaches and fun communities, it really does offer exactly what you want from a vacation to the ocean. There is also a long list of historical sites, state parks, and scenic wonders to visit too.

Things To Do On Washington’s Pacific Coast

There are a lot of things to do on the Pacific Coast of Washington. This is a great place to get to if you want to get out on the water. You can head out on scenic boat tours, charter fishing trips, and whale watching excursions from several ports. You can also go boating yourself or even hop into a kayak for an independent look at the Pacific Coast. The beaches of this part of the state also offer a lot. There is plenty of room for kite flying, beachcombing, long walks, local festivals, and more. Many of Washington’s beaches in this area also allow personal vehicles on them and driving down the beach is an experience everyone should have. There are several small communities that dot Washington’s Pacific Coast, each offering a different feel. Some, like Ocean Shores, feature lots of tourist activities. Others like Moclips or Ocean Park are more laid back and the perfect place to head to for relaxation. Those communities go a long way in making the Pacific Coast one of the more popular destinations in Washington State.