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Westport, WA

Westport, Washington is located on the opposite side of the entryway to Grays Harbor from Ocean Shores. Unlike the beach towns to the north, Westport has a distinctly different appearance and feel to it. This goes back to the community’s long ties to the ship building, fishing, and ocean transportation industries. Westport’s downtown and waterfront is the quickest place to see this unique look. The town still has the sandy beaches that people flock to the ocean for though on its southern side. This combination makes it a unique vacation destination and helps it to have a wider variety of things to offer you should you be lucky enough to go there.

Things To Do In Westport

Looking at the list of things to do in Westport can easily show just why so many people head there. Being a port community, it’s very easy to get out on the water when you are vacationing at Westport. One extremely popular activity is deep sea fishing. Westport is known around the region as an exceptional place to head to for a charter fishing trip. You can also go out on pleasure cruises and tours there and even venture out on whale watching excursions. If you want to experience the water on a more personal level, just drop your kayak in the bay or hit the waves on your surfboard. Some of the things you shouldn’t miss when you go to Westport are Grays Harbor Lighthouse, Twin Harbors Beach State Park, Westport Maritime Museum, the local cranberry farms, the local small aquarium, and a nice selection of shops, breweries, and more. You can get out and about from Westport on a drive too and see interesting places like Grayland, Willapa Bay, Ocean Shores, Aberdeen, Hoquiam, Copalis Beach, Seabrook, Moclips, Lake Quinault, Pacific Beach, and more. Westport is fully stocked with exactly what you need to have a great vacation.

Visit Westport and have a great time on the Washington Coast!

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