Olympic Peninsula WA

The Olympic Peninsula, WA

Olympic Peninsula
The Olympic Peninsula is another of the many top destinations to visit in Washington. It draws people who are heading there for a specific location as well as those who want to take part in an iconic Washington activity, taking a road trip around the entire peninsula. When you combine the wonderful communities of the Olympic Peninsula with the incredible scenic locales that can be found there, it’s very easy to see why so many people not only go there for a getaway, but return over and over during their lives.

Things To Do On The Olympic Peninsula

One of the top things to do when visiting the Olympic Peninsula is to check out all the unique communities there. The isolated beauty of La Push and the historic elegance of Port Townsend bring different things to the table but are both equally enjoyable. Other communities worth visiting on the peninsula include Sequim, Neah Bay, Port Angeles, and Forks. You should also get to the natural areas and attractions on the peninsula like the Hoh Rainforest, Clallam Bay, Ruby Beach, Lake Quinault, Lake Crescent, Hurricane Ridge, Dungeness Spit, Rialto Beach, and Discovery Bay. There really is something for everyone on the Olympic Peninsula and one of the best things to do there is just get out and explore the region first hand for yourself.

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