Seabrook WA

Seabrook, WA

Seabrook, Washington is a small and modern community right on Washington’s Pacific Coast. It’s located immediately south of the nearby community of Pacific Beach. This is a scenic little community that not only has the benefit of being right on the ocean, but is also growing rapidly and offering excellent cottages to rent and fun things to do.

Things To Do In Seabrook

There are a lot of fun things to do in Seabrook. The small and growing retail section of the community features a market, bakery, restaurant, pottery studio, craft shop, home store, and wine store. Seabrook also has other amenities around the community including parks, dog parks, community use spaces, and an indoor pool. This is also the Pacific Coast, the North Beach area specifically, so you know there’s more to do outside Seabrook too. Exploring the local beach towns like Moclips, Pacific Beach, Copalis Beach, Ocean Shores, Westport, and more can be a fun day trip. You can also check out interesting sites like the Hoh Rainforest, Lake Quinault, Grays Harbor, and the North Jetty and Damon Point. Going to Seabrook opens up all kinds of options to have the time away at the beach that you really want.

A beach vacation that is centered with a stay at Seabrook can be a very good idea for a couple or an entire family. It’s guaranteed to be incredibly memorable.

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