Pacific Coast WA

Pacific Coast, WA

Pacific Coast
The Pacific Coast of Washington is a very popular destination and it doesn’t take long once you are there to figure out just why that is. With everything from quiet bays to long sandy beaches and fun communities, it really does offer exactly what you want from a vacation to the ocean. There is also a long list of historical sites, state parks, and scenic wonders to visit too.

Things To Do On Washington’s Pacific Coast

There are a lot of things to do on the Pacific Coast of Washington. This is a great place to get to if you want to get out on the water. You can head out on scenic boat tours, charter fishing trips, and whale watching excursions from several ports. You can also go boating yourself or even hop into a kayak for an independent look at the Pacific Coast. The beaches of this part of the state also offer a lot. There is plenty of room for kite flying, beachcombing, long walks, local festivals, and more. Many of Washington’s beaches in this area also allow personal vehicles on them and driving down the beach is an experience everyone should have. There are several small communities that dot Washington’s Pacific Coast, each offering a different feel. Some, like Ocean Shores, feature lots of tourist activities. Others like Moclips or Ocean Park are more laid back and the perfect place to head to for relaxation. Those communities go a long way in making the Pacific Coast one of the more popular destinations in Washington State.

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