Olympia WA

Olympia, WA

The city of Olympia, Washington is the capital of the State of Washington. This makes it important for a number of reasons. Although it’s much more than just that, that also helps make it such a great vacation destination. Whether you’re on your way to somewhere else, stopping there for a night, or intending to visit there for a weekend or longer you are sure to have a great time in Olympia. It goes without saying that there are a lot of great things to do in Olympia.

Things To Do In Olympia

There are a lot of fun things to do in Olympia. Possibly a lot more than you even know. If you are interested in government or are a history lover, there are a lot of places to see and experience right there on the grounds of the Washington State Capitol. Beyond that, Olympia is also right on the water and there are tour rides you can take, along with a number of other ways to get out on the water. Other places you should check out when you go there are the Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge, Hands On Children’s Museum, Nisqually Reach Nature Center, Millersylvania State Park, Percival Landing, Priest Point Park, and more. There are also some great shops and restaurants, a cider mill, wine tasting options, and a nearby casino. It’s extremely easy to go to Olympia and be entertained the entire time you’re there.

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