Ocean Shores WA

Ocean Shores, WA

Ocean Shores
Ocean Shores, Washington has been a popular beach getaway in Washington State for many years. The town was formed in the 1960s with the intent on becoming a popular vacation spot and it succeeded. Today, this community isn’t much bigger but it still offers a fun time. There are plenty of restaurants in Ocean Shores, along with great late night spots and fun shopping opportunities. It’s very scenic too and, being on a sandy peninsula, quite the contrast visually from the high banked areas of the Pacific Coast to the north. It’s very easy to go to Ocean Shores and have an extremely good time.

Things To Do In Ocean Shores

The long list of things to do in Ocean Shores helps make it a go-to vacation getaway for many people. When you go there you can go kayaking, golfing, beachcombing, kite flying, and boating while you are there. Water access is not limited to the ocean as you can also get out on the water of Grays Harbor as well as the unique freshwater channels that meander through the inner peninsula. You can even rent small electric boats to go up and down these canals and out into Duck Lake. Some of the many attractions there that allow you to interact with the outdoors include the North Jetty, Damon Point, Ocean City State Park, and Oyhut Bay. Other attractions there include a full arcade featuring video games, bumper boats, and minature golf. You can also go horseback riding right on the beach. Speaking of the beach, much of it is open to motor travel too including in your own car or on a rented scooter. There are also go karts, a candy store, a giant shark’s head photo opportunity, a movie theater, and a bowling alley there. Ocean Shores really has all you need to have an awesome time on the Pacific Coast.

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