Lake Quinault WA

Lake Quinault, WA

Lake Quinault
Lake Quinalt, Washington is located just off Highway 101 in the western part of the Olympic Peninsula. The lake is crisp and beautiful, filled with pure mountain water flowing straight out of the Olympic Mountains. Lake Quinault is a popular getaway where you can go and stay at vacation rentals, a historic lodge, cabins, as well as tent and RV camping spots. When you visit there you’ll be surrounded by the local beauty and also be within a short drive of a couple of the very best parts of the Washington coast.

Things To Do At Lake Quinault

As expected, the best things to do at Lake Quinault involve getting out on the water. You can do this very easily too as there are places to access the water for swimming, fishing, boating, kayaking, and more. You can also do some fun hiking in the area too, including going on several rainforest trails and checking out the Quinault Big Spruce Tree. There is also a nice little Lake Quinault Museum which can give you a nice look at the history of the area. Don’t forget to go on the Quinault Forest Loop Drive while you’re there too. Venture out just a short ways from Lake Quinault and you’ll find a long list of things worth seeing including Kalaloch, Moclips, the Hoh Rainforest, Pacific Beach, La Push, Forks, Neah Bay, the Makah Indian Reservation, and more.

Without a doubt, a visit to Lake Quinault could very easily be one of the top trips you take in Washington State.

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