La Push WA

La Push, WA

La Push
La Push, Washington is a small community that sits right at the mouth of the Quileute River where it flows into the Pacific Ocean. This river is absolutely gorgeous, exhibiting the kind of color you’ll rarely see. But the big draw to La Push is the wide open shoreline you’ll find there. If you’re looking for La Push lodging, there aren’t a lot of options but what you find there will be truly inviting. You can even experience some good old fashioned La Push camping too. A visit to La Push, even if it’s just a day trip as part of a journey around the peninsula, is an absolute must.

Things To Do In La Push

There are a good many things to do in La Push, but the main thing is to just get out and breathe in the incredible atmosphere you find there. The beaches are strewn with huge logs and the rock formations sitting just offshore are absolutely stunning. Once you experience your first La Push sunset, you’ll want to view it over and over again. La Push Beach, First Beach, and Third Beach are the top beaches to go to in the area. There’s plenty of room for everyone too so if sandcastle building, kite flying, beachcombing, or anything else is something you’re looking forward to, you’ll be able to have at it like a professional. If you’re spending the night at La Push, you should get out and take a drive to some of the interesting places nearby like Neah Bay, Lake Quinault, Clallam Bay, Ruby Beach, Kalaloch Lodge, Forks, the Hoh Rainforest, and more.

It’s extremely easy to have the time of your life during a visit to La Push, Washington.

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