Kalaloch WA

Kalaloch, WA

Kalaloch, Washington is home to the Kalaloch Lodge inside the boundaries of Olympic National Park. This famous resort is perched high above the beautiful Pacific Ocean on a bluff that offers some of the most incredible views on the Olympic Peninsula, and that’s really saying something. This historic lodge can easily entertain and impress you whether you’re traveling with your whole family or if it’s just you and your significant other. It’s really a very special place to see.

Things To Do At Kalaloch

The number one thing to do when you’re visiting Kalaloch is to just sit back and soak in your surroundings. Odds are that you will never spend time at another place quite like it. If you’re staying in one of the Kalaloch cabins or are camping, you’ll have a complete diffeent experience from those staying in the lodge. Cooking over an open fire, listening to the night sounds, and all of the regular camping activities will help make some great memories. Staying in the lodge offers a little more comfort and also puts you in closer proximity to the restaurant, common area, outdoor decks, and more. Local attractions that you won’t want to miss when you visit Kalaloch include Kalaloch Creek Nature Trail, Ruby Beach, South Beach, Queets River, and more. Just spending time in this gorgeous part of Washington State is more than enough to fill your day.

Kalaloch is a very special place that brings people back again and again year after year.

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Website: Kalaloch Lodge

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