Copalis Beach WA

Copalis Beach, WA

Copalis Beach
Copalis Beach is a small community located just a short drive north of Ocean Shores. This area has an interesting history and has long been a destination for vacationers from around Washington State, as well as further away. There is a relaxed way of life at Copalis Beach, a way of life you’re sure to enjoy yourself.

Things To Do In Copalis Beach

There are a lot of things to do in Copalis Beach. The primary thing to do though is to just sit back and soak in the slower pace of life that’s available there. The beach at Copalis Beach is the most popular attraction and it’s long and wide with plenty of room for everyone. You can easily find a quiet little spot all your own. You can also go there with a large group and spend the bulk of the day right on the sand with friends and family. Kite flying, beachcombing, beach soccer, frisbee, beach volleyball, and more can all be experienced down on the sand at Copalis Beach. If you’re lucky enough to be there in season, you can even go clamming right in front of where you may be spending the night. You’re sure to love nearly every second you spend in the Copalis Beach area.

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